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The YF-19 (codename "Alpha One" ) is an experimental Variable Fighter featured in the Macross Plus OVA and its movie adaptation. It is piloted by Isamu Alva Dyson.

The Convair YF-102 Delta Dagger interceptor was a scaled-up version of the delta-wing XF-92A. The NACA High-Speed Flight Station received the YF-102 in 1954 and flew it 104 times over four years.

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The YF-23 was an unconventional-looking aircraft, with diamond-shaped wings, a profile with substantial area-ruling to reduce aerodynamic drag at transonic speeds, and an all-moving V-tail.

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The YF-100 is a Chinese liquid rocket engine burning LOX and kerosene in an oxidizer-rich staged combustion cycle. [1] Development of the engine began in the 2000s, along with its sibling, the smaller YF-115 , which would power the LM-6 and LM-7 upper stages.

Lockheed YF-12 (Blackbird interceptor) Academy/Minicraft model in 1/72 scale : kit review building report: The Academy kit manufacturer issued a very nice kit of the Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird years.

Of all the variable fighters of the 2050's perhaps none were more influential than the YF-24 Evolution. The YF-24 was the progenitor of the VF-25 Messiah, the VF-27 Lucifer, the YF-29 Durandal and the YF-30 Chronos variable fighter derived from the Evolution blueprints disseminated by the New UN Forces Headquarters.